Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coast Guard Air Station

On Monday, April 4th, we traveled to Opa Locka, FL to visit the Coast Guard Air Station. After learning the duties of the Coast Guard at sea, we wanted to explore what they do in the air. We were able to walk through one of their largest planes, which holds up to 42 people. Interesting fact: some of these planes have a small kitchenette area (sink and toaster oven), which allows passengers to eat on very long flights. Sadly, the oven on the plane takes longer to warm up food than the oven in your home--a pizza roll takes 2 minutes to warm up in a home microwave but 1 hour on the plane. For a majority of the Dreamers this was their first time on a plane, although we didn't go in the air. Also, we were able to view other smaller jets and watch the landing and taking-off of the a helicopter. All in all, it was a fun and new experience. How many non-Coast Guard people can say they have been on a Coast Guard ship and plane?
Big thanks to our Coast Guard volunteers for putting this trip together and another thanks to all the volunteers who showed up (Patricia, Martinique, Sarah, Simon, Karen, and Eric)!

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