Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Academy 2012

     I Have a Dream-Overtown, Inc. with collaborations from: Florida International University, MDCPS Summer Services and The Children's Trust conducted it's annual Summer Academy from July 2 - July 31 2012.  The academy focused on academics in the mornings (math, reading, creative writing) and enrichment activities in the afternoons (guest speakers, presenters, and workshops).  I would like to thank the staff members who dedicated thier time, efforts, experiences, and energy into making our academy a success (A. Callo, B. Bush, H. Major, P. Romaniuk, K. Waters,).  I would also like to thank each individual, group, and agency that presented, spoke, and conducted workshops.  Your input was well received and more importantly appreciated.
    At the conclusion of our academy, each Dreamer that attended was invited to Ft. Myers, Fl. for a guided tour of: Florida Gulf Coast University, The Edison Museum, and The Miccosukee Indian Village.  As our Dreamers enter their sophomore (and freshmen) year of high school, my goal is to encourage each of them to recognize and use their resources in a way that makes them flourish. 
 I want to especially thank those Dreamers who attended the academy, participated in activities, and represented IHAD-Overtown amazingly.  Enjoy the pics.. E. L. Lewis

Law School working with our Dreamers. Thanks Prof. Kotey.
FIU Leadership Workshop

Dreamers at FIU Agro Ecology presentation

Project U-Turn Workshop
FIU library tour

IHAD Staff: P. Romaniuk, K. Waters, E. L. Lewis

Mesha, Wendell and La-Kayla going over their case (FIU Law School)
On on tour of FIU School of Theatre w/Prof. Church

Malana and Demani rehearshing at Theatre Workshop

Using the electromicroscope to see the sun

Dr. Webb (Astrology) w/Ashley, La-La, Kayla

IHAD 2012 FCGU Tour

On our way to FGCU
Nathan, Alejandro, Chris, Star, Sendy, Maddy, Jo-Jo

The Tour begins with Mia.

Ricky, FCGU Mascot, Mat'
Lewis and the Cruz's

Learning about FCGU from Mia.
Mr. B, Patrica and the Dreamers
At the campus book store

Jeremiah speaking about the day

About to begin our tour

Airboat rides for the Dreamers

Cristian and Nathan lead to way
The Jumbo Vessel

IHAD Overtown Inc. Ready for departure

"Albert the Alligtor"

Everyone watching "Albert"

Our guide at the villiage "Alligtor Joe"... I think
Karen, Kayla, Ross all want to hold the baby gator.
Waiting for the wrestling to begin