Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Baskets: Family Day at the JCC

Over the past few years, the Dreamers and their families have volunteered with the Thanksgiving Basket Fund at Dave & Mary Alper Jewish Community Center (JCC). Located in the heart of Kendell, JCC provides many opportunities for the Jewish community and South-Dade residents to enjoy recreational, educational, cultural, and social activities.

On November 20, 2011 a total of 31 Dreamers and their families took a trip to the JCC to participate in the Thanksgiving Basket Fund. For two hours, Dreamers made Thanksgiving greeting cards (for their families and other families in need) and over 100 Thanksgiving baskets!!! A special thank you to Mrs. Sheila Stieglitz, who does a great job of coordinating the Thanksgiving Basket Fund every year and to the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and brothers who decided to come and support their Dreamer!!

Choosing the right crayons is a very serious job :) Malik

Adrian: Keyelah's little sister...she made very pretty cards with feathers :)

Time to get creative!!

Ms. Davis & her grand-daughter (Myeisha) making a basket

Ms. Bryd, her daughter, and Ms. Spells

Ms. Harris and her sons :)

Mrs. Jackson

The finished product: over 100 baskets!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Biscayne Bay Aquatics Preserves at Pelican Harbor Marina

On November 5th 2011, the Dreamers took a field trip to one of Biscayne Bay's Aquatic Preserves sites, Pelican Harbor Marina. Located right off of 79th Street Causeway, Dreamers spent a a few hours doing water quality testing.

Upon arriving, the group was warmly welcomed by environmental specialists Susan Leser and Pamela Sweeney, along with other staff volunteers. The group then walked to the west end of the facility, which had an AMAZING view of the ocean. The Dreamers were then split into three groups, which they rotated throughout the day. Group One tested the bay by using a YSI Meter to measure dissolved oxygen; Group Two used refractometers to measure salt levels in ocean water compared to tap and distilled water; and Group Three used a Succi Disk to measure turbidity/visibility. The three groups came together at the end and played Spin the Wheel. But instead of money, the pointer fell on different marine life in Biscayne Bay; and the Dreamers discussed how oxygen levels, salt levels, and turbidity affect the marine life.

Most importantly, the field trip helped some of the Dreamers with science project ideas of their own. To end the day, we spent the last 20 minutes eating lunch at the Marina, taking pictures, and simply enjoying the scenery!

Many thanks to Susan Leser, Pamela Sweeney, and everyone at Pelican Harbor Marina! We really enjoyed it!

Environmental Specialists Susan Leser and Pamela Sweeney welcomes IHAD

A westward view from the Marina

The Dreamers are divided into three groups to do water quality testing

Milton Stubbs and few other Dreamers using a YSI Meter to measure dissolved oxygen in the bay

Dreamers using refractometers to measure salinity in different types of water


Smile :)