Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hairspray: The Broadway Musical!

On October 23 2011, thirty three Dreamers went to see the musical Hairspray! The musical was showcased at the Actor's Playhouse in Coral Gables, but before heading to the theater, the group dined at California Pizza Kitchen. The restauarnt, located one block from the theater, was a nice treat to begin a Sunday afternoon. Dreamers had the choice of a cheese pizza dish or ceasar salad, both of which were delicious! A speacial thank you to the restaurant's manager, Blaze, and his kind staff.

After our lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, the group then headed over to the theater. Many of the Dreamers may have been apprehensive about seeing the play, probably thought it was going to be "boring", but many seemed to enjoyed it. Aside from the funny potrayal of teenage life, the Dreamers, for the most part, got the message the musical was trying to convey: music and dance is a good tool to unite people of different races...integration not segregation!!

Program for the show

Some of the female Dreamers looking extra pretty for the day's event :)

Mr. Lewis in a suit!! Setting a WONDERFUL example for the male Dreamers

Dining at California Pizza Kitchen in Coral Gables

The stage in the theater

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BankUnited Tour

On Thursday September 29, 2011, IHAD-Overtown, Inc. toured the BankUnited branch in Miami Lakes.  Our collaboration with BankUnited began last school year when SVP-Mtge. Division- Eric D. and his staff provided our Dreamers and Families with Money Matters workshops. Today, we were invited to get an up close/behind the scenes look at how one of Florida's largest bank branches (employing over 580) operates on a daily basis. Our trip  began with all of our Dreamers being greeted by smiling staff members and receiving ID badges, the group was then escorted to one of "many" conference rooms, where they were treated to a continental breakfast.  The Dreamers were given tips on "First Impressions" by Eric D. and Mary H., who both gave us insight to the "do's and don'ts" of the corporate world of work.  The remainder of the day consisted of learning about: Mortgage Services, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Enterprise Risk Management, and a first hand look at the Call Center.  At the conclusion of our day, the Dreamers were treated with all the Papa John's pizza and soda they could stomach, gift bags, but most of all, a real life understanding of how the banking world works.  Special Thanks to our tour guides (bank employees): Rennie R., Omar R., Michael D., Suzanne R., Jackie R., and Danny S.