Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Biscayne National Park (Homestead)

On May 28th the Dreamers were invited to Biscayne National Park.  Ms. Hill (our VISTA) along with park ranger: Chris Beers helped to organize the event.  The day began with the Dreamers taking a nice 45 minute bus ride south to Homestead (for many of our Dreamers, it was their very first time traveling that far south).  Once we arrived, Ranger Chris gathered us to discuss park history along with some of the ecological and environmental things we might encounter.  Did you know that Florida Flatworms were hermaphroditic? Our Dreamers witnessed how two male flatworms would "cross swords" the loser, destined to morph into a female and assume the "motherly" duties of carrying/caring for the young.  After our ecological lesson, Ranger Chris took the group outside to begin their Canoe Adventure.  This included: safety precautions, manuvering, and canoe protocal (who sits where/responsible for what).  All the dreamers were paired in groups of three, boarded their canoes, and set sail!  After navigating the calm gentle waters of the park, we all docked at an island about half a mile from shore, and had lunch. ON THE ISLAND!  The day concluded with a "friendly" race back to shore (won by Milton, Precious, and Mr. Lewis).  Best of all we had no capsized vessels on this day, and each Dreamer raved about the first time experience.  Thank again to Ranger Chris Beers and Ms. Hill, along with chaparones: P.Romaniuk, N.Roling and M. D'Amico.

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