Saturday, March 26, 2011

Test Taking Workshop

Today we traveled to Florida International University to take part in a test taking workshop.  We arrived at the Graham Center and were greeted by Upward Bound affiliate students: Wilnise and Suzes.  Our goal today was to provide our Dreamers with a strategy based seminar that covered tips that can be used as they prepare for their upcoming standardized tests.  We discussed how to study leading up to the test: getting lots of rest, creating study groups, not cramming but continuous studying, and asking adults for tips.  On the day of the test, everyone agreed they should: stay calm, use elimination strategies, only spend about 1 to 2 minutes per question, check your answers and bubble sheet, erase completely, wear comfy clothes, and never leave an answer blank.  The seminar concluded with a bonding activity of  "make em laugh", a visit by Upward Bound director: Sofia Santiesteban, and some real life stories by Wilnise and Suzes on how "tests are a part of your life, embrace them don't fear them".  It was amazing to have a couple of our mentors (Patricia and Kevin) tag along as well!  Thanks to each of you for a great afternoon with our Dreamers!


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