Monday, November 29, 2010

Jungle Island

On October 23, 2010, we were able to explore and discover different types of animals from all over the world at Jungle Island. On our self-guided tour, we saw parrots, monkeys, flamingos, alligators, and so much more! 

University of Miami Tour

On September 9, 2010 we took a trip to the University of Miami (UM) in Coral Gables. A representative from the Office of Admissions spoke to us about what UM looks for in a college applicant-good grades, extra-curricular activities, community service, SAT scores, etc. The kids asked questions regarding what they could currently do in middle school to help prepare them for college...of course they were encouraged to make good grades and get involved with after-school activities. Following the information session, we had lunch and light conversation on "The Green." Then came the most exciting part--THE TOUR! We walked from Admissions, to the School of Communication, College of Engineering, pass the Bookstore, Hurricane Food Court, down to University Lake (where we had to be cautious of Alligators), to the Intramural fields, and concluded with a tour of a model dorm room. Overall, the trip was very informative and a lot of fun! Based on the extreme interest some of the kids showed while on the tour, I am sure we will have some future CANES from the class of 2015.