Saturday, February 12, 2011

Biscayne Nature Center (Ecology tour)

Today we traveled back to the Biscayne Nature Center for the Ecology tour. For some odd reason, every time we plan a trip to Key Biscayne the weather for the day is cold and rainy. Nonetheless, we traveled across the bridge to learn about plant and marine life. Once we arrived, Amel and Sara meet us to explain the activities for the day.

First, we visited the exhibit room. There we were able to see and touch, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea slugs, sea stars, hermit crabs, eels, spider crabs, goby fish, etc. The Dreamers were able to ask questions and get a better understanding of the marine ecosystem.

Second, we were guided down one of three trails located in the preserve. Here, we learned about the different plant life living in South Florida. We had the pleasure of seeing trees, such as, cabbage palm, white coffee, sea grape, necklace, etc. After the tour came lunch, which was followed by an additional tour of the Biscayne Nature Center science lab. There we were able to view additional marine life. The Dreamers were placed at different lab stations and were asked to sketch the animal in front of them or draw a picture of something interesting they saw today. The pictures turned out amazing. We truly have some talented artists in the I Have a Dream program.

Lastly, before our trip ended, the kids were divided into four groups of five for "Biscayne Nature Center Jeopardy." Everyone knows how Jeopardy is played, each group was asked a question for a certain number of points, which then led to Final Jeopardy. To make a 20 minute game short, the "Angel Fish" group (Jaimesha, Estrella, Madeline, Sendy, and Umbreana) won! As their prize, the Nature Center gave them Biscayne Nature Center pencils!! A student can never have enough pencils! Concluding the game, we grabbed our belongings, hopped back on the school bus, and made our way back home.

Thanks again to the Biscayne Nature Center for having us and expanding our knowledge regarding the animals and plants that live right next to us in the Atlantic Ocean.

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