Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Baskets 11/21/10

Dreamer Trip to Dave Alper Jewish Center

Every year, the Dave Alper Jewish Center, along with long time IHAD volunteers: Shelly and Sheila assemble 100s of Thanksgiving Baskets for donations. For the past two years, we have used this as a service learning opportunity for our dreamers to bring their own family members to join in the effort.

The day began with a bus ride from Overtown to the Dave Alper Center in south Miami. The dreamers (along with siblings) are then whisked away to an art room to work on hand-made Thanksgiving cards. Each dreamer and sibling is responsible for making two cards: one for their family basket and one for an anonymous family. The parents that attend are all gathered in another room, sorting, organizing, and getting the items together (canned yams, veggies, cookies, juice, and fruit) to place into the baskets. 

Once the cards are complete, the best part of the day begins. The dreamers join the assemble of adults and help complete the baskets, adding the hand-made cards and putting the finishing touches to each. In all the whole outing lasted about 4 hours, but the opportunity for the dreamers and families to work together on this endeavor is priceless!

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